Quikcard Merchant Agreement

Quikcard Merchant Agreement
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What is remarkable is that these agreements are inter-provincial and non-federal, and while they facilitate the portability test, they are not a requirement of the CHA. The H-SAA describes the conditions of the services provided by the hospital, the funding it will receive, and the services and service levels expected. There are different performance indicators that are monitored, managed and evaluated in the agreement. The costs of insured benefits provided by health professionals in another province or territory of Canada are reimbursed at the amount actually paid or at the rate that the Board would have paid for such services in Quebec, depending on the case, less. Quebec, however, has negotiated a permanent agreement with Ontario to pay Ottawa physicians, at Ontario`s rate rate, for specialized services that are not available in the Ottawa region. This agreement came into force on November 1, 1989. The Board covers the amount it would have paid for the same services in Quebec and the Ottawa Health and Social Services Agency assumes the difference between the fees charged by Ontario and the amount originally reimbursed by the Board. A similar agreement was signed in December 1991 between the Temiscaming Health Centre and the North Bay Health Centre. To obtain a full reimbursement for hospital services in other parts of Canada or another country that are not covered by agreements, it is necessary to send a written application to the Board signed by two physicians with expertise in the pathology of the person in whom the application is made.

The application must describe the specialized benefits required by the insured person, certify the unavailability of these benefits in Quebec or Canada, and contain information about the attending physician and the address of the hospital where the benefits would be provided. After the Board`s assessment of the application, permission to receive the services is issued or denied. No authorization is granted if the medical service concerned is available in Quebec or if it is an experimental service. The department, in close coordination with the NWT Medical Association, determines medical compensation. Typically, family physicians and medical specialists are compensated by contractual agreements with the NWT government, while the rest are compensated on a fee basis. The royalties in the NWT are broken down into the insurance rate approved by the Minister under the NWT Medicine Act. I believe that the Government of Canada has complied with its obligations under the September 2000 health agreement, by providing $21.1 billion in the budgetary framework and by cooperating in other areas mentioned in the agreement. I expect premiers and provincial and territorial health ministers to commit to the health system accountability framework adopted by The Prime Ministers in September 2000. So far, the work of public servants on performance indicators has been cooperative and effective.

Canadians expect us to report on all indicators by the agreed date of September 2002. While I am aware that some legal systems may not be able to report comprehensively on all indicators during this period, public accountability is an essential part of our efforts to renew Canada`s health care system.

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