Cooperation Agreement On Partnership And Development (Capd)

Cooperation Agreement On Partnership And Development (Capd)
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3. The Parties also agree to promote regional cooperation through their diplomatic contacts and in the regional for a in which they participate. 1. The Parties shall cooperate with a view to strengthening gender policies and programmes and strengthening institutional and administrative capacities and supporting the implementation of gender equality strategies, including rights and the strengthening of the role of women, in order to ensure the equal participation of men and women in all areas of economic life, cultural, political and social. Cooperation shall focus in particular on improving women`s access to the resources they need to fully exercise their human rights, in particular education. 65. notes that following the country`s accession to the WTO in 2016, which strengthened Afghanistan`s relations with the global economy, the EU granted duty-free and quota-free access to the EU market, but recognises that further concrete measures are needed for the private sector to benefit from this regime, and as such, promote its internal development; 2. The Parties shall cooperate to prevent any form of abuse of intellectual property rights, including geographical indications, and to combat counterfeiting and piracy. They agree to facilitate this task through customs cooperation and other appropriate forms of administrative cooperation, in particular by establishing and strengthening organisations responsible for the control and protection of those rights and by strengthening cooperation by appropriate means to facilitate the protection and registration of geographical indications of the other country in their territory, taking into account international rules; Practices and developments in this field and in their respective capacities. .

1. The Parties agree to improve cooperation and capacity building in the use, development, processing and marketing of natural resources. (b) promoting sustainable development, a stable and democratic political environment and the integration of Afghanistan into the world economy; 39. calls for the agreement, in line with the Paris Declaration on the Effectiveness of Development Cooperation, for appropriate control mechanisms and greater transparency to ensure the effectiveness of public administration, including financial management, as well as the prevention of misuse of external or development aid and increased transparency; 5. Amendments to this Agreement shall be made by mutual agreement between the Parties and shall take effect only after notifying each other of the completion of the legal procedures necessary for that purpose. 3. In accordance with this Common Approach, the Parties shall ensure that the fight against illicit drugs is integrated in a coherent manner in all relevant areas of cooperation, including criminal prosecution, the promotion of livelihoods through authorisation, drug demand reduction and harm reduction. To the extent permitted by its respective rules, procedures and resources, the Union shall provide Afghanistan with technical and financial assistance for the implementation of the cooperation set out in this Agreement and Afghanistan shall make available the necessary resources, including financial resources, to ensure that the agreed objectives are achieved.

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