Sars Dta Agreements

Sars Dta Agreements
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FIVE MISUNDERSTANDINGS ON THE RELIEF OF DOUBLE TAXATION TREATIES Double taxation treaties (AMAs) and protocols already in force have been divided into two groups to facilitate navigation, i.e. “Whether you work in a country without a DBA or in a country where there is a DBA, you should always know what your correct tax status is with SARS, ” Louw proposes. RELOCATION OF TARGETS FOR SOUTH AFRICANS ABROAD CHANGES IN PENSION LEGISLATION A DBA is relevant to the circumstances of a taxable person if that taxable person receives income, for example. B in South Africa and abroad, or where that taxable person is established for tax purposes in South Africa (but has no income from a South African source) and income from a foreign source. William Louw, a professional tax advisor at Sable International, says this is a complex topic and it is recommended that expats review their tax status, as the new change will apply specifically to an exemption granted to South African tax residents. This type of situation often leads to a grey area where a person can or should be taxed, especially if one insists that a South African tax resident is taxed on their global income in South Africa. “If a taxpayer is registered in both countries as a tax resident and there is a DBA, the DBA will determine where and how a taxpayer will have to pay taxes on the income received,” Louw explains. A DBA ensures that a taxable person is not unfairly taxed, both in South Africa and in the country concerned treated in a particular DBA. It therefore offers protection against double taxation and lays down various requirements that a taxable person must meet in order to understand where that taxable person is established as a tax resident. One of the factors to remember is whether there is a double taxation agreement (DBA) between South Africa and the country where you work, he notes. ON THE KNIFE`S EDGE: IN THIS REGISTRATION SEASON, SARS FOCUSES ON EXPATRIATE SARS TAKING INTO ACCOUNT YOUR TOTAL COMPENSATION – NOT JUST YOUR SALARY.

This means that SA nationals who work in certain countries and benefit from additional benefits such as security, accommodation and transport can be taxed on the total value of the package. He warns that if SARS addresses a problem and suspects tax evasion, it can impose a 200% tax. “Most of the tax offices talk to each other. There are more than 140 banks around the world that report transactions to SARS. SARS experiences all these cash flows. SARS will punish tax evaders with administrative sanctions,” he warns. There are two structures for sanctions – fixed percentages and per incident of problems. Fixed percentages range from 20% to 200%. “People who live abroad, who have not said they have left the country and may still have an active tax identification number are at risk. Many people don`t make sure their tax ID is no longer active,” he says. People who, for example, work under contract in Africa, but still reside in their homes, families and tax purposes in South Africa, are also affected. According to Louw, they cannot change their tax residency unless they also leave their family from South Africa.

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