Learning Agreement Uni Bonn Romanistik

Learning Agreement Uni Bonn Romanistik
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Dorothee GothOffice / Public Relations / Project Management / Event Arrangement Training as a bookseller and publisher in Bielefeld. Media science studies at the University of Siegen, student assistant in the special field of foching 240. Degree in Media Science in 1999. Intern at Mr. DuMont Schauberg publishing house in Cologne. In October 2006, she joined DRZE, where she is responsible for promotion, project management and event planning. . Marvin Krawczyk Assistant Student (Research Department) Student in Philosophy and History at the University of Bonn since 2017. Student collaborator at the German Reference Centre for Ethics in Life Sciences since August 2019. Laura Summa, M.A.Research Assistant (Research Department)2004 – 2011 Studies of Philosophy, Theology and Romance in Aachen (Magister Diploma and First Staats Examination). Since 2011, phD student at the University of Bonn. 2015 – 2017 Referandariat and diploma of the 2nd State Exam.

Since 2017 Scientific collaborator at DRZE. Before applying, students should find out about the situation in host cities and universities in order to obtain advance information when applying. The offer of studies from partner universities should be carefully brought into line with the curriculum in Bonn. Partners` websites are the primary source of information. In case of questions and assistance during the search for information, you are available to the ERASMUS interlocutors of the Novel Seminar. The assistance includes the exemption from tuition fees at the host university and a financial grant. Isabelle Meyer-ThamerEtudiante (Centre for Libraries and Documentation) Student in Germanology and Philosophy at the University of Bonn since 2014. Student assistant at the DRZE library since April 2018. Professor Sturma`s office hours, 2020 Dipl.

Bibl. Frank Weber Library and Documentation CentreStudium in Bibliothekswissenschaft der Freien University Berlin (1994) and Catholic theology of the University of Bonn (1999); 2001 enters the DRZE library (main tasks: acquisitions and cataloguing, indexing) Since 1995, professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bonn; Since 1996, visiting professor at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA and since 2004, member of the European Faculty of Bioethics program at the University College of the Union of Schenectady and Albany Medical College , Member of the Central Ethics Committee of the German College of Physicians (ZEKO) since 2007; Member of the editor of the journal “Research Ethics Review” since 2008.

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